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Jewellery has always been a passion of mine, I have worked in the jewellery industry for 12 years.  However, when I had my beautiful children Theodore and Olive I was unable to continue working but my love for jewellery and learning in this industry didn’t end.

I started my venture going to jewellery making classes and from this started Theodore and Olive Jewellery.

My aim is to make jewellery for the majority. I love the idea of simple but effective jewellery that people can wear during the day or dress up for the evening.

All of my jewellery is recycled and handmade.  I work with Sterling Silver, Metal Clay, 9k Gold and 14k Gold filled pieces.

I hope there is something special for everyone in my collection.

Necklace & Pendant

Give Her the Best Thing She Deserves

For Her

Gift for Her, Wedding gift, Bridesmaid Gift, Minimalist, Gold bracelet, Silver Bracelet.

Everything You Need To Look Your Best

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Theodore & Olive Membership

Be the first to hear about new additions and offers.
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